Woman on the Rise: Meet Umaimah Mendhro

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Meet Umaimah Mendhro.

She’s founder and CEO of Vida, an e-commerce company changing the fashion industry by cutting out the middleman, connecting designers directly with manufacturers. An immigrant, a mother of two, and a Muslim, Mendhro is one of the new faces of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.

She is also a model of how the next generation of women are working, pausing, and thriving.

Raised in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, she managed to make her way to the United States for college and then on to Harvard Business School for her MBA. After graduating, she worked at Microsoft through the birth of her first child. Then Umaimah and her husband decided to move to the San Francisco Bay Area to participate in the exciting tech scene. She joined West, the hot new marketing agency started by Apple exec, Allison Johnson and then became pregnant with her second child.

So, she paused.

“After the birth of my son, I spent time thinking about what I really valued and what I wanted,” says Umaimah. “It became very clear to me that I had to create a career that melded my passion for technology, art, and design in a way that empowered people.”

She launched Vida in 2014 and already has five employees working with a carefully curated line up of designers and a network of 600 small factories across Pakistan and India. Umaimah finally has the career she always dreamed of, one that allows her to integrate work and family.  

“I worked really hard to get really lucky,” says Umaimah.

You can read more about her here.

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